DIY Solaire costume from Dark Souls

Halloween DIY Solaire Costume from Dark Souls

DIY Solaire Costume From Dark Souls This year I didn’t think our kids were even going to need Halloween costumes. Our son at 16 has been above such things for a few years now, and even our 13 year old twin girls seemed to be…

Mandy’s List of Ethical Clothing Companies

Clothing Companies That Put People and The Planet Before Profit All of these ethical clothing companies focus on creating sustainable fashion, putting the planet and the people first, before profit. While this list of slow fashion brands is by no means comprehensive, it will at…

DIY Leggings in 10 Minutes

DIY Tutorial – How To Make Leggings from Old Tights

How To Make Free DIY Leggings from Old Tights There’s nothing more annoying than having to throw an old pair of tights into the landfill. Well wait – there is. It’s just as annoying to want some really cool and fabulishus women’s leggings and find…

How To Make a Free Women's Tunic L-3XL
Free sewing pattern - DIY Fingerless Gloves
DIY Leg Warmers Tutorial
Fingerless gloves by Mandy Wildman

Scrappy Fingerless Glovelies

It started getting chilly around here (finally) and I decided it was time to fashion some scrappy fingerless gloves, aka arm-warmers or Glovelies (TM) as I like to call them. I fashioned them from some fun pieces of fabric I had lying around. I was quickly…