Ethical Clothing Brands

Clothing Companies That Put People and The Planet Before Profit

All of these ethical clothing companies focus on creating sustainable fashion, putting the planet and the people first, before profit.

While this list of slow fashion brands is by no means comprehensive, it will at least give you a place to start if you’re considering upping your game when it comes to buying retail clothing.

Note: This is by no means a complete list of ethical clothing brands.

I am still researching and will update this list as I find more clothing companies who are willing to put people and the planet first.

I will say this. I’m happy to be an affiliate for any eco-friendly fashion brands that I feel fit my specific criteria, because that helps compensate me for the time spent researching and compiling this list.

However, I will never accept compensation from any company simply because they want to be added to my ethical clothing companies list.

Sustainable Attributes of Eco Fashion Brands

There are eight aspects of environmental or social responsibility to look for when researching whether or not a garment company is operating in a sustainable fashion.

If at least one of these attributes is present, they are likely worth supporting because they are making an effort to be better than companies who care about nothing but profit at any cost.

Mandy’s List of Ethical Clothing Companies

Here are the ethical clothing companies I have come across so far who fit the criteria of sourcing their garments in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

Let me know if you discover a garment manufacturer or fashion brand that should be on this list.

These fair trade and ethical clothing companies have made it a central part of their mission to consider both people and the planet by approaching fashion in an ethical and transparent way.

Putting people before profit can be challenging when building a business, but ultimately there’s no other way to do business.

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  1. Hey Mandy! Thanks for the list. I was wondering how you find out about companies sustainability practices, do you just email them? I’m very interested in the brand LL bean and I see some of their products are manufactured in the USA but not sure how to know if it is ethical and sustainable. Any information you can provide will help!