Mandy Wildman, Funky Fashionista and Doll Artist

Hi! I’m Mandy Wildman and I’m obsessed with upcycled sewing.

I love to use gently worn clothing and scraps of trim and lace to make one-of-a-kind, funky and vibrant clothing for women to wear and feel fabulous in.

I also love to rescue discarded dolls and make them beautiful again.

It just makes me crazy to see all the cheap, mass-produced clothes (and dolls!) that end up in our landfills today.

A few years ago I had an epiphany – a kind of hard-to-describe spiritual meltdown. Shortly after that happened I discovered that I was able to create magical garments, art work and funny-looking cloth dolls using re-purposed clothing and scraps of fabric, vintage lace and cool old buttons.

I no longer question all this – I just create – and then I write about it. If something similar has happened to you I’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a line and tell me your story.

Today I love my creative, amazing life and I embrace every good thing that happens to me and every uplifting message, sign or gift that comes my way.

The Vibrant Crafter is all about doing things your own way – making things work for you, and finding out who you really, really are through the thrill of creativity.

I share my upcycled crafting, sewing, and offbeat lifestyle discoveries with you.

I promise you color – lots and lots of vibrant, alive, shout-it-out COLOR!

I sincerely hope you’re super inspired by all this, and if you’d like to talk about YOUR creative bliss, please feel free to reach out to me.

Warmest wishes and many blessings,

Mandy Wildman

Mandy Wildman