Privacy Policy

The privacy of the wonderful peeps who take the time to visit The Vibrant Crafter is hugely important to me. Like many websites out there, some data is automatically gathered from visitors to this site via Google Analytics. None of this information is shared with outside parties other than our sponsors and or affiliates. I despise spam and will never sell or share your information in any way. Never.


I love working on this blog, and I do my best to bring you information that’s useful and fun. I love answering your questions and bringing a little creativity and silliness into the lives of other like-minded vibrant crafters.

So yes, this blog does contain some paid advertising, sponsored posts, and some affiliate links. This means that sometimes, if you make a purchase via a link I have shared, I might make a commission. Most of the time it’s a really teeny amount – a few cents maybe, but it does help pay for things like hosting, domains, and sometimes a new cell phone with a better camera so I can take better photos to share ;-).

For example, The Vibrant Crafter is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Your support helps me find more cool stuff to share with my Vibrant Crafter family!

Occasionally companies want to send me products to review in exchange for my honest opinion. Those items will contain a disclosure so that you’ll know. I promise that anything I share with you is 100% my honest opinion. I won’t review things I hate or say fake nice things about products that I think are unethical or scuzzy in any way. Pinky swear.

Commenting Policy

I LOVE reading your comments. They are what makes me know my efforts are worthwhile and appreciated. But comments that are nasty, offensive, or just plain mean will be nuked without warning or apology. I know, I shouldn’t have to say this, but sometimes a thing’s got to be said. I know if you are reading this you would NEVER post a nasty comment, so post away and thanks for reading this far down the page. Cheers!