Starseed Kids OOAK Art Dolls

The Story of the Starseed Kids: Frequently Asked Questions

The Starseed Kids are a series of hand-crafted cloth art dolls who began bursting from my fingers into physical existence several years ago. As they arrived, one-by-one, I began to learn their story. Who or What are the Starseed Kids? The Starseed Kids are the result of…

Top 5 18 Inch Doll Clothes Pattern Books

My Top Five Recommended 18 Inch Doll Clothes Pattern Books

Why Buy Doll Clothes Pattern Books? Personally, when looking for a new doll clothes pattern I prefer to buy a whole book of patterns at one time. That way I can refer back to it over and over again. I’ll try not to cut out…

Vibrant Spiritual Awakening

Vibrant Spirit

A Spiritual Head Slap – er – Awakening! In 2013, having spent almost 20 years as a website designer and business coach I had what can only be described as a Spiritual Awakening. (It was more like a spirit bombing if you want to know the truth!) As a…

comfy arm chairs

I Love Big Comfy Chairs

I don’t know about you, but I am a HUGE fan of big comfy chairs for reading, snoozing, lounging or chatting with my family and friends. Poor Wayne-Face used to dread going out driving with me because if I saw an old armchair on the side…

Purple Cabbage Patch Mermaid

Purple Cabbage Patch Doll Mermaid Makeover

Try This Cabbage Patch Doll Mermaid Makeover One of my big weaknesses is the ever lovable Cabbage Patch dolls. What, oh what, possesses a grown woman to love playing with dolls? I don’t know, but if I can’t play with dolls I don’t want to be…

Fingerless gloves by Mandy Wildman

Scrappy Fingerless Glovelies: My Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Ready For a Quick and Easy Fingerless Gloves Pattern? It started getting chilly around here (finally) and I decided it was time to fashion a scrappy fingerless gloves pattern, or as I like to call them, arm-warmers or Glovelies(tm). I made them from some fun pieces… ROCKS!

Ebates Rebates Help Fill Empty Plates (and Pockets)

Hi peeps – this is a money-saving tip that is really really easy to do and adds up surprisingly fast. So every time I shop online and I click the Ebates rebate button, I get money back. I mean REAL checks sent to my mail box that…

Starseed Babies by Mandy Wildman
Web Design For Women by Mandy Wildman

Are You Thinking About This . . .

Would you like a free website review/evaluation? I’d be super-happy to answer any questions you have, either by phone, email or coffee if you’re in my neck of the mountains. No strings (or gaudy ribbons) attached. Just really great web design.

Cabbage Patch Mermaid Pattern

Cabbage Patch Mermaid Outfit Pattern

Who could resist a Cabbage Patch Mermaid? Me neither. Which is why I created this easy sewing pattern for (roughly) 18″ Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. You can use an old top of many colors – or a little girl’s dress that has stains/rips/size issues. Then chop…