A message to you from Mandy’s Spirit Guides (Xara & Friends)

Spirit Guide Reading
“We know that you are deserving of all that you desire. Anything is possible, and often a little help goes a very long way. We are ready to connect – are you?”

During your Spirit Guide Message reading you can ask about:

  • Money and abundance
  • Clarifying purpose or life path
  • Improving relationships
  • Career and business success
  • Personal empowerment
  • Developing your natural intuition
  • Strengthening your connection with spirit
  • Building confidence
  • Making important decisions
  • ….and more.

Book Your Spirit Guide Message Reading

(Please note: Mandy does readings by phone only.)

For a limited time only Spirit Guide Message readings with Mandy are just $1 per minute.

Once you’ve paid, Mandy will reach out to you to schedule a time for your reading.

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Success is about living a joyous, fulfilling and abundant life that nourishes YOU.

So – what is your question? Are you ready to know the answer? What’s your biggest challenge? Are you ready to hear the solution?


“Wow – that was one of my TOP 10 conversations for this year!” T.C., Non-Profit Advocate

“I want to thank you for your inspiration. You were the right person for me to speak to at the right time. Your powerful words really influenced my life.” D.C., Waitress

“Thanks Mandy, you really made my day yesterday! I’ve been rejoicing ever since!” Creative Artist

“I had a phone session with Mandy and it was fantastic. She has the ability to zero in on issues you want to address and offers really tangible strategies for what to do. Mandy’s insights are amazing, and I strongly recommend her.”  D.S., Business Advisor

“Mandy (and her friends) have a rare and unique skill for immersing into who you are, what you need, and the actions to follow. The best investment I’ve made in my business.” J.K.B., Consultant

Group Presentations/Intuitive Readings

You can book Mandy for group presentations and sessions. By request, Mandy and her Spirit Guides can customize their presentation to enhance the purpose of your event or gathering.

To book Mandy for an event or a group reading please email us.

Please Note:

Mandy will never give any kind of health or legal advice. These types of questions should be put to professionals in those fields.  By booking your session you are confirming that you understand you are fully 100% responsible for your own actions and any outcomes in your life.