Purple Cabbage Patch Doll Mermaid Makeover

Purple Cabbage Patch Mermaid

Try This Cabbage Patch Doll Mermaid Makeover One of my big weaknesses is the ever lovable Cabbage Patch dolls. What, oh what, possesses a grown woman to love playing with dolls? I don’t know, but if I can’t play with dolls I don’t want to be thought of as a “grown woman”, because it doesn’t sound […]

Cabbage Patch Mermaid Outfit Pattern

Cabbage Patch Mermaid Pattern

Who could resist a Cabbage Patch Mermaid? Me neither. Which is why I created this easy sewing pattern for (roughly) 18″ Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. You can use an old top of many colors – or a little girl’s dress that has stains/rips/size issues. Then chop away merrily! Give your Cabbie boobs . . . . . […]