How to Make a Blythe Doll Wig Cap

How to Make a Wig Cap for A Blythe Doll

How to Make a Blythe Doll Wig Cap for Almost Nothing So That Her Wig Stays On Easily! Recently I got a bald Blythe dollĀ for my birthday. I don’t typically spend very much on dolls as I get them either given to me or at Goodwill, so I got her bald because that made her […]

My First Blythe Doll: Meet Bonnie!

What Is A Blythe Doll

What is a Blythe Doll? Before I introduce you to my first Blythe doll, Bonnie, I should start by explaining what a Blythe doll is. Keep in mind that I am by no means an expert (yet) having JUST gotten Bonnie for my birthday. Blythe is a line of fashion dolls, aboutĀ 11 inches (28 cms) […]