Types of Beads to Use on Beaded Clothes


Beads come in many sizes, colors, shapes and styles. Use any of these sizes, colors, shapes and styles you like to make beaded clothes. Bold, large ones make a big statement. Small ones add a subtle, classy touch. But massed together, small beads can be used to big effect when grouped together together by color or shape.

There are many different types suitable to use on clothes. Of the hundreds of sizes on the market, the best results will be when you use smaller beads to mass together and larger beads in lesser numbers. A few styles most often used include seed, pony, rondelle, or the many and varied shapes of faceted beads.

Seed beads can be either clear or opaque. The are usually made of glass, although lower-quality ones are sometimes made of plastic. Seed beads are often used to create a pattern by sewing them in place, using a grid as a pattern, the same way a mosiac is made. They create a show-stopping splash of color, especially if you use the semi-transparent ones, that catch and reflect light.

Pony beads are large compared to most other beads used on clothing or accessories. They are shaped similar to a can of food with a hole bored through it. Although they are usually opaque, some semi-transparent varieties are sometimes used. Pony beads seem to have an affinity for use in leather garments or accessories where they are often attached to individual strands of fringe.

Rondelle beads are shaped like flattened disks with holes bored through them. They are often used as spacers between larger beads. Rondelles are clear, semi transparent, opaque, faceted, or even jewel-encrusted. Don’t make the mistake of only using them as “spacers,” while taking second place to larger, more elaborate beads. Used as a featured bead with others taking second place, rondelles create an exciting, unusual effect.

Faceted beads are truly the “gems”of all beads, whether they are made of precious or semi-precious stones. Inexpensive versions made of glass are widely available. Cutting glass beads similar to they way gemstones are cut increases the visibility of the bead, due to the facets reflecting and refracting the light. Faceted ones can be plastic, glass, stone, wood, bone, amber, or ivory. From whatever material they are cut, faceted beads add the sparkle of light either reflecting or refracting off of them.

Different effects, from casual to elegant, can be achieved depending on which type, style or color of beads you choose to use to make beaded clothes.

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