Tinker Unique Upcycled Spirit Friend Doll


$29.00 $23.95


  • Handmade item
  • Doll comes with custom goddess dress and vintage necklace
  • Ships worldwide from United States



Tinker is part of my “Spirit Friend Doll(tm)” collection. Only Unique Upcycled Spirit Friend Doll with magical energy are chosen for this important job.

Many people buy these dolls to provide comfort to themselves, a loved one or a child who is sick or sad right now.

When you have a “Spirit Friend Doll” you can tell her anything and share your secrets with her – she hears every single word you say and she will never be too busy to listen. She is there for you, to understand you, comfort you and – most of all – to love you unconditionally.

Her blue hair extensions are rather fragile and her necklace is made of vintage glass beads and might not be suitable for a very young child.

Tinker Unique Upcycled Spirit Friend Doll comes with a hand-written adoption tag and loving, white-light energy.

All of the materials I use are pre-cleaned/washed. To wash I would recommend a very gentle machine cycle for the clothes, and a little rag-wipe for the dolls. For the artwork, just a light dusting as needed.

Every piece is inspired by Spirit and no two creations are ever the same. You are getting an original art creation.

Because I use part of the proceeds from this store to fund my spiritual healing and non-profit work all sales must be final. Thank you so much for understanding, and enjoy!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mandy Wildman

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