Rebecca OOAK Vintage Coleco Cabbage Patch Kid Doll



  • Handmade item
  • LoveAgain Doll(tm) collection
  • Doll comes with upcycled outfit – pants, top with vintage button and matching hair bows
  • Materials: fabric, upcycled clothing, recycled, buttons, ribbons, vintage button, vintage doll, cabbage patch kid doll, painted fabric, upcycled doll
  • Ships worldwide from United States



REBECCA is an OOAK Vintage Coleco Cabbage Patch Kid Doll who has been professionally cleaned, repaired and is in beautiful condition.

She comes with a unique, hand-crafted outfit – a top that features a special vintage button, matching pants and matching hair bows.
She is a golden blonde haired double pony tail girl with blue eyes made in the OK factory. She has a pacifier head mold. She would make a very special addition to your Cabbie collection.

All of the materials I use are pre-cleaned/washed. To spot clean I would recommend a very gentle wipe with a damp cloth.

REBECCA is part of my LoveAgain Doll(tm) collection.

I up-cycle and make custom outfits for the LoveAgain Doll Project, which donates dolls to women and girls in shelters and nursing homes.

Only special dolls with magical energy are chosen for this important job. Most of the dolls that are used for this project are vintage Coleco Cabbage Patch Kid dolls that have been abused, neglected and discarded – and then rescued and “loved again.”

The dolls I sell in my store help to fund this work by providing funds for things like earth-friendly cleaning supplies and shipping costs.

Many people buy these dolls to provide comfort to themselves, a loved one, or a woman or child who is sick or sad right now.

When you have a “LoveAgain Doll” you can tell her anything and share your secrets with her – she hears every single word you say and she will never be too busy to listen. She is there for you, to understand you, comfort you and – most of all – to love you unconditionally.

Rebecca OOAK Vintage Coleco Cabbage Patch Kid Doll comes with a hand-written adoption tag and loving, white-light energy. Enjoy!

Every piece is inspired by Spirit and no two creations are ever the same. You are getting an original art creation.

Mandy Wildman, Scrap Artist and Spirit Guide Messenger

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