Mit-Zee OOAK Alien Fantasy Baby Cloth Doll



  • Handmade item
  • 22″ doll with diaper outfit and toy
  • Starseed Kid series
  • Materials: recycled fabrics, found objects, trims, non toxic paint, yarn, thread, cotton, recycled stuffing, recycled clothing, scraps
  • Ships worldwide from United States




I was recently inspired to create a limited series of hybrid OOAK Alien Fantasy Baby Cloth Doll using recycled fabrics. Some people say these dolls are creepy and some say they are weird but adorable – you decide. Each one is imbued with positive spiritual energy.

Each baby doll is unique, OOAK Alien Fantasy Baby Cloth Doll and hand crafted by me. This little girl’s name is Mit-Zee (said in an alien baby kind of way) and although she is not a toy (not suitable for a young child) you can dress her up in different outfits just like a real little girl.

I am passionate about using recycled fabric scraps to make beautiful and fun things, and these dolls are just the thing if you are into dolls that represent a cross between an alien and a human baby. This fantasy one-of-a-kind baby cloth doll has huge light green eyes and her body is kind of a light pink color.

She is soft and cuddly and her face is hand-painted and stitched and then treated with a protective fixative to help preserve her.

Mit-Zee comes with her toy dog, black cloth diaper, and real little girl’s red and pink dress frilly and hand-crafted black booties. She also comes with her adoption certificate which gives more information about her background.

Will you be Mit-Zee’s forever mommy or daddy?

I can also create a custom alien fantasy baby cloth doll for you – just contact me through my shop. Thanks for looking!

Mandy Wildman

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