Purple Cabbie Mermaid

What, oh what, possesses a grown woman to love playing with dolls? I don’t know, but if I can’t play with dolls I don’t want to be thought of as a “grown woman”, because it doesn’t sound like any fun at all!

This piece of fabulosity was actually a LoveAgain doll. She was donated by a kind member of the LoveAgain Doll Project Facebook group (thanks, Heather).

Custom AA Cabbage Patch Doll by Mandy Wildman

She was specially requested as a gift for a very deserving woman who gives so much to her community that she leaves very little time for herself. I couldn’t wait to get started on this sweet little Cabbage Patch doll who had so much to offer. Here she is when I first met her:

Cabbage Patch Purple Mermaid

She was so sweet and eager to please her new mama, I had to get started on her right away.

She was given a bath (although she was pretty clean to start with – but just in case). Then I dug through my ridiculously vast stash of gently pre-worn (and vigorously pre-washed) clothing and trims and scraps and went to town.

Next, I grabbed my trusty Sassy Cabbie Mermaid sewing pattern and started chopping, stitching, fixing and even a dab-of-lipstick-ing. Here’s how she turned out.

Cabbage Patch Mermaid

She makes a pretty good sassy mermaid, don’t you think?

Cabbage Patch Mermaid outfit pattern

And what’s a mermaid outfit without a little butt crack showing?

CPK mermaid outfit

Some deets for the curious . . .

Cabbage Patch Mermaid Outfit

. . .gotta love the campy tail!

Cabbage Patch Outfit Sewing Pattern

Have you ever found an old Cabbage Patch Kid doll at a garage sale – or maybe even in your closet? Why not fix her up and make her into a mermaid? All the instructions are in my Sassy Cabbie Mermaid pattern.

Have fun – send me pics of your beautiful creations – I’d love to see them!


Mandy Wildman


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