Sassy Cabbie Mermaid Outfit Pattern

Who could resist a Cabbage Patch Mermaid?

Cabbage Patch Mermaid Outfit by Mandy Wildman

Me neither. Which is why I created this easy sewing pattern for 18″ (roughly) Cabbage Patch Kid dolls.

Use an old top of many colors – or a little girl’s dress that has stains/rips/size issues – and chop away merrily!

Cabbage Patch Doll Mermaid Outfit

Give your Cabbie boobs . . .

Cabbage Patch doll Mermaid Outfit Pattern by Mandy Wildman

. . . or not. Either way, she’ll be rocking her mermaid tail like a goddess!

Cabbage Patch Mermaid Outfit Sewing Pattern

Snag the Sassy Cabbie Mermaid Outfit sewing pattern here, grab a discarded top or tee shirt and get chopping.

Show me when you’re done.

Mandy 🙂

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